Inflatable Spheres and Blimps

Inflatable Sphere and Blimps

Space can be limited at a trade show, so it is important to use your space effectively and creatively. We offer helium floating inflatables that can create a unique atmosphere. Floating inflatables have also been used as a décor object. They can instantly light up a room and make them more inviting and comfortable. Floating inflatables are great for events or used as a marking point, so people can quickly identify what you are representing and find you from afar.

We can print it all in two colors or unlimited colors. The limitations of artwork and colors are endless. Check our our rich color palette to find some colors, or give us a call and we can work on something unique. Logos are usually placed on two sides of the floating inflatables to avoid any clutter or design problems. You do not have to place a logo on your floating inflatable, you can also have custom designs printed on them. Our floating inflatables can also be custom shapes.

Send us an email or a give us a call and let’s find a fantastic way to market at your next event.

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Product Pricing

Hanging Spheres pricing is in USD$

Product #Description12-45-910-2425+Code
HS7-1C7ft Hanging Sphere – 1 color$789$749$710$670Custom Quote4E
HS7-2C7ft Hanging Sphere – 2 color$879$835$790$747Custom Quote4E
HS7-FC7ft Hanging Sphere – Full Color$1,299$1,235$1,169$1,105Custom Quote4E
HS10-1C10ft Hanging Sphere – 1 Color$999$949$899$849Custom Quote4E
HS10-2C10ft Hanging Sphere – 2 Color$1,089$1,035$980$925Custom Quote4E
HS10-FC10ft Hanging Sphere – Full Color$1,529$1,452$1,375$1299Custom Quote4E

Floating Spheres pricing is in USD$

Product #Description12-45-910-2425+Code
FS7-1C7ft Floating Sphere – 1 color$789$749$710$670Custom Quote4E
FS7-2C7ft Floating Sphere – 2 color$879$835$790$747Custom Quote4E
FS7-FC7ft Floating Sphere – Full Color$1,299$1,235$1,169$1,105Custom Quote4E
FS10-1C10ft Floating Sphere – 1 Color$999$949$899$849Custom Quote4E
FS10-2C10ft Floating Sphere – 2 Color$1,089$1,035$980$925Custom Quote4E
FS10-FC10ft Floating Sphere – Full Color$1,529$1,452$1,376$1,299Custom Quote4E

Inflatable Blimp Pricing is in USD$

Product #Description12-45-910-2425+Code
BP-512Inflatable Blimp – 5’x12’$1095$1040$985$930Custom Quote4E
BP-613Inflatable Blimp – 6’x13’$1115$1060$1005$949Custom Quote4E
Bp-616Inflatable Blimp – 6’x16’$1185$1125$1065$1005Custom Quote4E
BP-720Inflatable Blimp – 7’x20’$1745$1659$1570$1485Custom Quote4E
BP-822Inflatable Blimp – 8’x22’$2115$2010$1905$1799Custom Quote4E
BP8525Inflatable Blimp – 8.5’x25$2495$2370$2245$2125Custom Quote4E

Spheres and blimps come in 7 and 10ft sizes

This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.

Floating inflatables are made of 0.18mm PVC.


  1. 1 colour imprint
  2. 2 colour imprint
  3. full colour imprint


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